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Booking Terms & Conditions

Agency Information

  1. Akangau Jungle Expeditions won’t be held responsible for delays caused by mechanical failures or natural disasters (i.e. extreme weather).
  2. If you choose to store your language with Akangau Jungle Expeditions whilst on the tour all money, jewellery, electronic devices or items of value must be documented separately before departing. Akangau Jungle Expeditions will not be held responsible for loss of personal articles of clothing, jewellery, money etc that may have been left at the Akangau Jungle Expeditions office without previously documenting its deposit.
  3. The price for a particular tour will be the price displayed on the website at the time of purchase. We reserve the right to change prices for tours at any time and do not provide price protection or refunds in the event of a price drop or promotional offering.


  1. Reservations can be made through our enquiry form, by phone or by email
  2. We require a 50 % deposit to secure reservation.
  3. Reservations can be made by making a deposit to Banco de Pichincha / Banco del Austro, by Western union or online payment with credit card ( 2,9 % fee + service fee)

Bank Deposit Details to Banco de Pichincha

  • Beneficiary Name: Cerda Shiguango Misael Franklin
  • Beneficiary Address: 12 de Febrero y Augusto Rueda
  • Account No: 5456816500
  • Bank Name: Banco de Pichincha
  • Bank address: 15 de Noviembre, Tena, Ecuador
  • Swift Code: PICHECEQ

Bank Deposit Details to Banco del Austro

  • Beneficiary Name: Cerda Shiguango Misael Franklin
  • Beneficiary Address: 12 de Febrero y Augusto Rueda
  • Account No: 15558598
  • Bank Name: Banco del Austro
  • Bank address: 15 de Noviembre, Tena, Ecuador
  • Swift Code: Citius 33, CTA CTE 36148891

Cancellation Policy

The cancellation fees are expressed hereafter as a percentage of the total tour price

  •  Cancellation 30 days or more before departure: $50 administration fee
  •  Cancellation 30 to 7 days before departure: 50% of cost of services
  •  Cancellation 6 to 1 days before departure or no show: 100% of cost of services

Refunds will not be made available after the tour has begun without a justifiable reason.

Release and Waiver from Liability

  1. I/we understand that activities in the jungle present enjoyment as well as obvious and necessary risks. These include, but are not limited to: snake/insect bites or stings, animal bites, slipping and falling, a sprained ankle or broken bones, vehicle accidents, or even a sore neck from looking at birds or animals high in the trees. I/we understand that an accident or illness on the tour could occur in a remote location without immediate access to medical treatment. I/we therefore certify that my/our health is good enough to be able to participate in an Akangau Jungle Expeditions tour.
  2. I/ we understand that many risks are beyond the control of Akangau Jungle Expeditions. In ACCEPTING THIS WAIVER, I/we voluntarily assume the risks of injury or property damage, and release Akangau Jungle Expeditions, its owners, employees, agents, and contractors from ANY AND ALL LIABILITY for personal injury or property damage resulting from negligence or any cause.

Safety and Comfort

  1. Listen to your guide’s instructions at all times. If the instructions are unclear please ask him repeat what he said.
  2. Always wear your boots when walking in the jungle for protection against snakes and insects.
  3. Do not swim along. Swim only in the designated areas or where you have being instructed to by your guide.
  4. Do not wonder off into the jungle on your own.
  5. Be aware that some trees have very sharp razor like thorns so watch where you put your hands.
  6. Ensure you have enough sun cream and insect repellent for the duration of your tour.
  7. Due to the remoteness of some of our tour locations please note if you require medication on a daily basis ensure you bring the adequate dosage for the duration of your tour.
  8. When touring in a motorized canoe, please remain seated while the canoe is moving; do not stand up until the boat has come to a complete stop. Keep your hands inside the canoe all times.
  9. The floor of the jungle after heavy rain can be very slippery especially where there are a lot of leaves. Take care when walking and going downhill. Take your time go at your own pace.
  10. Make sure you drink plenty of water and if you need to take a rest at any time tell the guide.
  11. Do not under any circumstances attempt to touch or feed or any type of wildlife.


  1. Akangau Jungle Expeditions requires that all participants are covered by appropriated life, accident and medical insurance and that they are financially responsible for such expenses. We recommend that all participants insure their personal property for loss and theft. No refunds will be made by Akangau Jungle Expeditions for medical reasons or theft or loss of documents.

Travel Papers

  1. It is your own responsibility to travel with a valid passport, and to have the correct visa and vaccinations. Akangau Jungle Expeditions will never be responsible if you do not have the right papers and therefore have to cancel your tour.


  1. If you are not satisfied with one of services whilst on the tour, please bring it the attention of your Guide so we can address the issue immediately
  2. If wish to make a complaint after the tour please do so in writing no greater than 14 days from the date the tour terminated.

Environnmental Consideration

  1. Please do not cut or damage any trees, plants, flowers, and rocks when walking in the jungle.
  2. Please dispose of your rubbish in the bins provided (that includes cigarette butts). Under no circumstance dispose of your rubbish in the jungle if there are no bins then bring the rubbish back to the office.
  3. Do not take anything from the jungle unless the guide gives it to you. The guides are trained to know what is acceptable to minimize environmental impact.

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